Farlin | 3 Stage Baby Oral Hygiene Set

3 Stage Baby Oral Hygiene Set



Stage 1 – Tongue Cleaner (0m+)

For Parent To Clean Baby’s Mouth


  • Designed for parent to hold.
  • Unique, cushion head with special soft layer.
  • Gently cleans baby tongue and gums, and removes the milk residual and coating on the tongue.


Stage 2 – Toothbrush Trainer (4m+)

Massage And Clean Baby Gum And Teeth


  • Easy-to-hold handle designed for a baby’s hand : Training baby start using toothbrush.
  • Baby-soft material : Gently massage baby teeth and gums.
  • Elastic and soft saw-toothed brush head exactly attains the result of thoroughly cleaning.
  • Unique, cushioned head : Help protect tender gums and prevent swallowing.


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