Manual Breast Pump
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Manual Breast Pump

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Manual Breast Pump Farlin

A breast pump is an essential piece of gear for all new mothers. Moms who must leave their newborns alone while at work or running errands will find that pumping is very helpful. They are especially helpful for mothers who have twins, early pregnancies, or a large or small milk production. It relieves new mothers’ worries and makes it simple for caregivers other than the mother to feed infants. The Manual Breast Pump Farlin provides consistent suction for more comfortable and efficient milk expression. Milk extraction function from this pump makes it easy for busy mothers to save time. The Farlin Manual Breast Pump is an affordable and hassle-free option for breast pumping. There are no cables or obtrusive pumping noises, and it is portable so you can take it with you. It has a suction base and cover to reduce the chance of an unintentional knock-over. This is the only pump you’ll require if you only occasionally need to release pressure, detect leaks, and fill a few bottles.

Farlin Manual Breast Pump Features:
• Mums can pump confidently with harmony anytime and anywhere, especially because it’s small enough to fit into a handbag, with no need for any batteries or wires
• Farlin Manual Breast Pump is small, light, convenient and portable
• Ideal for excess milk removal
• Helps to correct inverted nipples
• Safe and easy to use
• Can be used as a latch assistant
• Sterilize-able.

Feed your baby breast milk with no hassle and at any time with  Manual Breast Pump Farlin!

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