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One Piece Pacifier SKU:

TOP-100 – Blue / Red Weight: 7kg

This high-grade silicone gum soother is firm and gentle on baby’s gums and has a shield with secure ventilation holes.

It is safe and simple to clean, and it boasts a clear one-piece construction. age groups 0 and above.

Babies frequently develop the habit of continuously sucking their fingers because they have reflexes and a need to suck, which can result in sanitary conditions and tooth decay. Mothers Should Use Safe Plastic Material And Unique Design Containing To Avoid This Situation Baby’s gums become softer and smoother thanks to Farlin Bf-14103’s inner water, which also helps massage gums and lessen pain for babies who are teething.

Features of the Farlin One-Piece Pacifier:

• Eases Pain Associated With Teething

• Gum Relieving Massages

• Simple to grasp

• Comforting and Soft

• Safe Substance

• Silicone is elastic and flexible, simple, long-lasting, safe, hygienic, and does not harm the health of the baby. Silicone complies with European Union safety standards. Does Not Contain BPA, Does Not Produce Toxic Substances When Exposed To Hot Water, and Is Exceptionally Safe For Baby Use.

• The Farlin Bf-14103 is a specially created product with pure water contained inside, creating softness and softness for baby’s gums.

• Farlin Bf-14103 Is Compact, Simple To Hold, And Aids In Developing Baby’s Sense Of Touch

• The massage provided by the ring eases the baby’s discomfort during teething.

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One Piece Pacifier

SKU: TOP-100 – Blue / Red

Weight: 0.031kg

Age group: 0+

Some babies like silicone, while others prefer genuine rubber latex. The Farlin Gum Soother is soft, flexible, and easy for young mouths to engage with. It has a round nipple shape that mimics a mother’s breast to comfort your baby and is recommended to assist with the guise of natural breastfeeding. The shield is composed entirely of materials that are safe for consumption and is devoid of phthalates, PVC, and BPA. While being soft on the baby’s cheek and teeth and resistant to chewing and biting, each pacifier has a silky-smooth feel to it. Due to their seamless features, these pacifiers are extremely hygienic and simple to clean in hot water. Safe by design and by nature. This gum soother is made of high-grade Silicone. It is firm and soft on your baby’s gums. It also comes with a shield with safe ventilation holes. It has a transparent one-piece design that is safe and easy to clean.

Farlin Gum Soother Pacifier key features:

  • Relieves discomfort during teething
  • Massages sore gums
  • Easy to grasp
  • Soft and soothing
  • Safe materials
  • Silicon material conforms to the European Unions safety standards of elasticity and flexibility
  • Does not contain BPA
  • Does not generate toxic substances when exposed to hot water, and is very safe for babies to use
  • Specially designed with Pure Water contained inside, creating the softness
  • The ring helps massage, reducing the discomfort of the baby during teething.
  • Help your baby reduce pain when teething

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