The Best Time to Start Solid Food for Your Baby!  

One of your our baby’s biggest milestones involves introducing solid food. Giving your infant a range of meals starting from 6 months, in addition to breast or formula will adequately guide your child towards a lifetime of healthy eating. Here’s a guide on the best approach to get your child started on solid food. 

Where to start 

The amount of food your baby consumes at first is less important than getting them habituated to eating. The source of their nourishment and energy will still come from a mother’s breast milk, or their first bottle of newborn formula. Your infant can eat the same meals as the rest of the family, in smaller portions, as you gradually increase the quantity and variety of food they consume. Do not be concerned with their food intake. The most crucial thing is to teach them how to move solid meals around their mouths and how to chew them, as well as get used to different tastes and textures. 

Types of solid food  

Your child will first find it simpler to eat meals that have been mashed, pureed, strained or have a very smooth texture. Your toddler may need some time to get used to different food textures. They might sneeze, cough or gag. You can begin to introduce thicker and lumpier foods as your baby’s oral abilities advance. 

It’s vital to serve your child foods that are at the correct texture for their development, because some foods can become choking hazards. Prepare foods that can quickly dissolve with saliva and dosent need to be chewed on a lot. Encourage your infant to eat slowly by giving him or her modest meals. Always keep an eye on your youngster while they are eating. 

It’s okay to wait 

It’s okay if your baby doesn’t seem to be ready yet. Always remember that you don’t need to rush when starting solid foods. In fact, waiting for the right time is better than starting early. Ask your health advisor for guidance on when to begin introducing solid foods to your premature infant. 

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